What's New, P-nut cat?


Dates for my upcoming kids and teen classes are now online!

This summer, I’m doing workshops for kids and teens throughout San Luis Obispo county, and in October I’m returning to Portland for a special one day workshop!

For more info, head to CartooningwithKane.com!


Emily and I are moving down to California's Central Coast!

She's going to be the Children's Librarian for two local libaries, while I'm going to be diving into drawing my graphic novel that's set in the area.

Moving is a massive hassle, of course, but before we leave Portland, we're trying to have some fun and appreciate the unique artistic community and vegan treats...

Last night I had a lovely timereading my comics at Liz Yerby‘s Comics Club!

Emily and our dear friend Ari Bigmouse helped me do character voices, and after we finished reading Shay Mirk surprised us with farewell cupcakes! So sweet!

The other readers—Shay Mirk, Tara Stephens, and Never Angeline North—were all wonderful in different ways. 

Just a darn nice event!

Thanks to Liz for concocting it all, and to Jim Kettner for encouraging me to be a part.


Had a blast at The Oregon Museum of Sciene and Industry,  presenting “Creating Iconic Characters” in the planetarium! 

P-nut has never loomed so large.

I had no idea what to expect from the crowd at a science museum adult night, and everyone was so friendly and cool.

Thanks to all who came out, and to the museum and Anya Bogorad  for making it happen, plus props to Emily Parrish and Shay Mirk for taking pics.

Also, the Marvel Exhibit at OMSI is really fun!

 Great selection of original comic art, and look who we got to meet!


I've got two public events and a 'tooning workshop coming up!

This week, on December 7th, I'll be doing a talk on Creating Iconic Characters at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, as part of their OMSI After Dark event!

Next week, on December 15th, I'll be doing a comic reading as part of Liz Yerby's Comics Club at The Bye & Bye in Portland.

And at the beginning of the new year, I'll be teaching the weeklong Webcomics Workshop online at The Center for Cartoon Studies, alongside TA Masha Zhdanova and some very cool guests.

Hope to see some of you lovely people there!

If you have any questions or you'd like to know more, feel free to reach out!


I have a new "Response" comic on The Nib!

Torn from the pages of the "Food" issue!

Read the whole thing here.



Scholastic's Graphix Books has acquired my graphic novel for publication in 2024!

See you in the funny pages...and at the book fair!


My summer workshops and classes are now officially announced!

This year, I'm doing both in person and online classes, which should be pretty dang fun!

To learn more about my kids' classes, blast off to CartooningWithKane.com.

For my 16+ class (co-taught with Jon Chad), head on over to The Center for Cartoon Studies.


I have a new short comic on The Nib!

It’s about processing pop culture as an asthmatic child.

In other news, I have a new class for teens coming up here in Portland, a collaboration with the great Sarah Mirk!


Last week's Webcomics Workshop at CCS was an absolute blast! 

The students were a creative delight, Masha Zhdanova was a wonderful TA, and the guest speakers were so fascinating to talk to!

I also had some fun promoting this class with a silly little video:

(Shout-out to Emily for doing the cat voices)


I did a new illustration for the latest episode of The Response podcast, about heatwaves and energy poverty in the Mediterranean. Click the image to listen!


Award-winning cartoonist and podcaster Ryan Estrada did a two-part adaptation of my graphic novel Smooth as Glass for his podcast Unwanted Words. Check it out on the Smooth as Glass page!


It's new website summer here at KaneLynch.com! Hopefully my geese are in a queue and it's a pleasant browsing experience.

In other news, I have TWO classes coming up in July, one for kids and one for adults. Find out more on the new Teaching page.