Graphic Novels

While I love doing shorter comics, graphic novels are what I'm most passionate about!

On this page, you'll find some of my long form work that you can read online, as well as links to published books that feature my work.

Complete graphic novels are on a dark background, while anthologies and shorter comic books are on white.

To learn about my graphic novels for younger readers, head on over to Comics for Kids.

Smooth as Glass

(aka Delicate Lies)

Completed 2018

One night nearly a decade ago, I received a strange message from an unknown relative.

The resulting adventure was so singular and bizarre that I set aside all my other projects to adapt it into a full length graphic novel.

Originally serialized on the journalism site Beacon, you can now read the whole thing online here!

Abrams Books, 2020

Street Noise Books, 2021

Vermont Folklife Center, 2021

The Relics

Completed 2012

(Unlike most content on this site, The Relics is 18+)

My first attempt at a graphic novel after finishing film school!

Honestly, this one is a bit embarrassing to look back on— I think I've come a long way since! But as an aspiring cartoonist I thought it was important to "learn by doing" and making this book taught me a lot.

Shaenon Garrity summed it up well in The Comics Journal, "This is very much a journeyman’s piece, the work of an artist still learning how to do comics, but it comes together nicely and shows promise."

Scott McCloud read it and called me, "One to keep an eye on," which was very exciting to this neophyte 'toonist!

Little Vegan

Aerial Structures #1

Aerial Structures #2

Deep Space Zine

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