Comics for Kids!

In recent years, developing comics for younger readers has become a central part of my creative output.

As an instructor, I love working with kids, and so it became important to me to create work that would entertain and inspire my young students!

My first kids' graphic novel, First Steps, is coming from Scholastic Graphix in 2024!

My kids' comics are mostly for print...

But I don't want you to leave empty-handed!

Below, you can find one of my interactive kids's comics, created for one of my classes. These are stories where I start the narrative, and then it's up to the student to decide what happens.

If you'd like to see more of my middle grade/YA work, you can email me (kaneicaruslynch at gmail dot com) or contact my literary agent, Alex Weiss.

(Real Einsteins drawn by me and Jim Kettner)

And now...

P-nut's Monster Maker!

A six page interactive activity for kids, and anyone else who wants a fun comic adventure!

Watch the video, then print out the black and white PDF version here, or check out the color pages below.

Share your finished comic by contacting me at kaneicaruslynch on gmail, Twitter, or Instagram!

(Special thanks to Colin Reeves-Fortney for motion graphics)

KaneIcarusLynch (at) gmail (dot) com