I am available for freelance work, and especially interested in applying my cartooning skills to unusual fields and environments.


I love interacting with people, and enjoy teaching and working with kids 8 and older.


I can do illustrations and cartoon strips on just about any topic (such as my piece on Star Trek fandom for Slate), and I enjoy collaborating with other writers in a professional context.

Download my CV here!


Some of the things I could do for you:

Authentic Leadership
Book covers and other drawings to bring empathy and fun to your business or presentation!


IMG_0010 IMG_9945Graphic facilitation!

Cartooning workshops with adults…


…and with kids!


Lectures on comics and visual storytelling.

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Interactive events and museum installations!



Download my CV here!

And if you think we might like to work together, contact me at kaneicaruslynch (at) gmail (dot) com.