Answers (Delicate Lies Chapter 16)

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At last, we come to the climax of Delicate Lies!

1) This is the longest chapter yet! If reading it in one long scroll is too unwieldy, you can also download it as a PDF or ePub on Gumroad. Just type in “0” in the price field for a free download–

Download PDF or ePub

2) Events from Chapter 6 are referenced. If you want a refresher, you can read it here.

And now…Answers!



ten011 ten012 ten013ten014
ten015 ten016 ten017 ten018 ten019 ten020 ten021 ten022 ten023 ten024 ten025 ten026 ten027 ten028 ten029 ten030

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Adventures in Teaching Toons!

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The last two weeks have been a flurry of toon teaching for me, with a workshop with all ages of students at the Vermont Animation Festival



And yesterday a workshop for teachers on making and reading comics at St. Michael’s College in Burlington!

I didn’t take any photos at St. Michaels, but here’s a drawing of me and James Sturm that I did for our presentation–


And tomorrow I’ll be doing another kids’ comics workshop at the Lebanon Public Library in Lebanon, NH.

If you’re interested in having me come to your institution (especially if you’re in New England or California), hit me up at kaneicaruslynch (at) gmail (dot) comic

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